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Police Wrestling - mat holds, grips, falls. Featuring Professor Butch and Mike Lacklaw
by Arthur Hobart Farrar

"Police Wrestling - Mat holds, grips, falls. Featuring professor Butch & Mike Lacklaw" av Arthur Hobart Farrar

Do a search on Abebooks!

Arthur Hobart Farrar is the author here, presenting once again his hero "Professor Butch" versus an imaginary opponent/crook, "Mike Lacklaw".

Farrar also wrote "Police Jiu-Jitsu, featuring Kato Futsiaki og Professor Butch" from 1937 (You can read more about this one here), "How to Fight, a fighter's manual" (on boxing) from 1943, and "American Judo Illustrated - Improved, modern, scientific Jiu-Jitsu - The art of hand-to-hand combat", also from 1943 (read more about it here). All but one of these books are fiction: In "How to Fight" the signature humour of Farrar is absent, and the book is also geared towards the sport (boxing).

"Police Wrestling" is, understandably so, no ju jitsu- or self-defense book. Rather "Professor Butch" is pictured as an American police officer, who deals with various opponents, or shold we say crooks, using his wrestling skills. After a while he is persuaded to teach other officers the same techniques.

In true fassion Farrar has a great way of using humour, and he is a brilliant writer! Each wrestling move has it's own story attached to them, featuring our very own Butch. And once again the techniques have some fascinating names - you will find: "The Pull-Prop Hold", "The Bag-Pipe Hold", "Hair-Pin Bend" aso. Way cool!

The skills being presented are in fact all right. Since you'll also find leg-locks, this is catch- or freestyle wrestling. And as usual it is nice to see how close this actually is to ju jitsu.

Do get hold of Farrar's books, and learn something while you're being entertained! (Abebooks is a good place to search). And last, but not least: Study closely how well these books are written! This is writing art as well as martial art.

bullet ISBN nr.:


bullet Author:

Arthur Hobart Farrar

bullet Published:

New York, 1942

bullet By:

Padell Book Co.

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