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Police Jiu-Jitsu featuring Kato Futsiaka and Professor Butch

"Police Jiu-Jitsu", featuring Kato Futsiaki and Professor Butch. An Amerikan book from 1937

Do a search on Abebooks!

In the preface to this bbok we are being informed that this is a part of the "Easy Instructor Series", and that it contain: "The Science of 'Jiu-Jitsu' as Taught to the Law Enforcement Bodies in the United States and Throughout the World - Police, Marines, 'G' men, Soldiers, Sailors And Members of the U.S Coast Guard".

It is highly unlikely that Kato Futsiaka (spelled Futsiaki on the cover) and Professor Butch are anything but fantasy figures. This book seems to be written by Arthur Hobart Farrar. The authors name is not written in the book, but it resembles Farrar's style. Furthermore,  "professor Butch" is a name used in other books by Farrar.

Farrar is also the author of "Police Wrestling - mat holds, grips, falls" from 1942 (read about it here), "How to Fight, a fighter's manual" (on boxing) from 1943, and "American Judo Illustrated - Improved, modern, scientific Jiu-Jitsu - The art of hand-to-hand combat" from 1943 (read more about this one here).

The techniques have some rather intriguing names, such as: "Falling Rock", "The Judicious Elbow", "Swallowing The Apple", "The Ferris Wheel", "Lowered High Bridge", "Mill Race", "Breaking a Habit" and "Turning Turtle" :-)

Each technique has it's own introductory text. This is penned by someone who is a very competent writer indeed. Here's an example: "Somehow you managed to become ensnarled in this Mardi-Gras crowd. The spirit of the occation is entirely genial. Everybody is laughing - or should be. But one big, burly fellow with the air of a misanthrope, an acid expression on his moon-face, is elbowing all the revelers to the right and left of him. This 'bear that walks like a man' has had the milk of human kindness dried up in him. His indiscriminate shoving and mauling has awakened the protector in you." This is something else altogether. Very refreshing!

Each technique is  shown with a drawing in addition to the aforementioned text. And some of these techniques are in fact quite ok. At the end of the book there are some moves from (free-style) wrestling.

When I checked, they had this book listed on Abebooks. You may want to have a look at their very large inventory!

bullet ISBN nr.:


bullet Author:

Arthur Hobart Farrar (?)

bullet Published:

New York, 1951

bullet By:

Padell Book Co.

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